All on 6/4

All on 4 Oral Reconstruction

By avoiding the areas with insufficient bone quantity, all on 4 dental implants can provide a full functional bite, eliminating the need for suffering bone graft or dental filling, which are along with traditional surgeries over a long period of time, allowing patients to enjoy food immediately and restore a bright smile.

All on 4 Oral Reconstruction

It is estimated that more than 700,000 people over the age of 65 in Taiwan have no teeth in their mouths. Some of them use traditional dentures, which leads to constantly pressing on the alveolar bone in a long-term, causing the gums to recede, the dentures to slide easily, and even impossible to put on.

Dr. Paulo Malo, a Portuguese doctor, invented the special implant technique "All on 4 treatment concept " in 1993. After accumulating successful experience and evidence-based medicine, the medical profession in Taiwan began to introduce this "all on 4" technique, which requires only four implants in the upper and lower jaws and uses the force principle of the oblique bridge to allow patients to resume normal chewing within one day. The all on 4 dental implants is short and quick to recover, which is a great blessing for patients who have no teeth or few teeth.

It requires a stronger bite for the Asian diet. Wu Tong Dental Group has improved the All on 4 and developed the All on 6 technology.

All on 4 Oral Reconstruction
High stability

Longer implants are used to increase the contact surface between the implant and the bone. It can also increase the strength and offer better support for the denture.

Shorter time

The treatment and healing time is shorter. The denture can be fixed on the implant immediately and there is no need to wait for the implant to heal with the bones.

No bone grafting required

Tilt the posterior implant and choose a longer implant to increase the contact surface between the implant and the bones. This can reduce the need for bone grafting.

Zygomatic Implants

It is also known as Zygoma Implants, which was proposed by Dr. Per Ingvar Branemark. He offered a technique to fix implants teeth by coming through zygoma/zygomatic bone (cheek bone). This skill called is called “Mount Everest in the dental implant field” because of its difficulty and there are few people can mater.

It is a special Implant that is used when there is severe bone atrophy or maxillary bone loss in the upper jaw, making it difficult to achieve a normal dental implant. In order to cross the atrophic bone and traverse the strongest bone, the Zygomatic implants are much longer and stronger than traditional implants.

Since 2016, Dr. Song has completed many cases of Zygomatic Implants for many patients with this need.

Pterygoid Implants

Zygomatic Implants are primarily placed in the cheekbone area and Pterygoid Implants are primarily placed in the pterygoid area. Both of them are primarily used for patients with atrophy of the upper jaw bone. Wu Tong Dental Group obtained the exclusive pterygoid bone implant patent (Model No. M538790) in 2017.


Ms. Huang

Teeth problem is always a disturbance for Ms. Huang. Due to the bad condition, Ms. Huang didn’t have the courage to pour out her feelings with anyone, including her beloved husband. But her husband has already figured out her frequent visits to the clinic. With the support and encouragement of her husband, Ms. Huang is finally able to face her dental problem.

Ms. Tsai

Ms. Tsai has been suffering from periodontal problems for more than 10 years. Her wobbly teeth have affected her chewing power, making her impossible to chew food adequately. Those food sufficiently increased the burden on her stomach and caused intestines over the years, which led to abdominal bloating her and uncomfortable stomach. With All on 6&4 hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Ms. Tsai can finally regain normal chewing power.

Ms. Lee

On the day of her All on 6 reconstruction and Zygomatic Implant, Ms. Lee took a bite out of an apple. The crispness made her look at the chip on the Fuji apple and ponder for a long time. It was an experience she hadn't felt in a long time, and she was able to regain her youthful joy and smile after years of suffering from periodontal disease and wobbly teeth.


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Painless treatment

With TCI sleep implants, the procedure can be completed in a light sleep state, without hearing sharp mechanical sounds and feeling the pain of local anesthesia.

Professional Team

From the moment you step into the clinic to the end of the treatment, we carefully check every step of the process to bring every patient a quality and professional experience.

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Through rich case experience and professional medical evaluation, we can create a more complete treatment plan according to each patient's different conditions.

Warranty Agreement

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All on 4全口重建

避開骨量不足的區域便能提供全口咬合功能,all on 4全口重建手術省去傳統植牙患者需經長時間多次補骨或補牙肉手術的困擾,可以立即享用美食及展現燦爛的笑容。

All on 4 Oral Reconstruction


葡萄牙醫師Dr. Paulo Malo在1993年發明特殊的植牙技術「All on 4」,在累積相當的成功經驗和實證醫學之後,台灣醫界開始引進這種「全口植牙快速重建」的技術,它只需上下顎各4顆植體,運用斜張橋的力學原理,就能讓患者在一天之內恢復正常咀嚼,all on 4 全口重建手術時間短、復原快,為全口無牙和少牙患者帶來一大福音。

亞洲人飲食習慣需要更強壯的咬合力,吾同牙醫集團改良了All on 4進而研發出All on 6專業技術。

All on 4 Oral Reconstruction







又叫顴骨植牙、穿顴植牙,是Professor Branemark提出的一種通過顴骨固定植牙的技術,因其難度高,掌握的人少之又少,被譽為植牙界的"珠穆朗瑪峰”。


宋院長自2016年起,為許多有此需求的患者,完成許多Zygomatic Implants案例。


Zygomatic Implants主要植入顴骨區域,Pterygoid Implants主要植入翼骨區域。





蔡小姐因為十幾年的牙周問題,搖晃的牙齒影響到咀嚼力量,無法充分的咬碎食物。未經充分咀嚼的食物,經年累月無形中增加了腸胃的負擔,讓她常常感覺到胃脹氣;腸胃不適。透過All on 6&4高壓氧輔助治療,讓蔡小姐恢復了正常的咀嚼。


在做完All on 6全口重建及顴骨植牙(Zygomatic Implant)當天李女士將蘋果一口咬下這清脆的口感讓她不敢置信望著富士蘋果上的缺口,深思許久這是多久不曾感受到的體驗讓多年深受牙周病,齒牙動搖困擾的她找回年輕的喜悅綻放出許久不見的笑紋。